We Did It! (version 2.0)

Well, as of this week, you all have officially pushed me over the top of my new goal. That’s right. I have now raised more than $2,000.00 for Autism Speaks. And you know what that means. I’ll be dyeing my whole head blue for the walk next Saturday. And I promise to post pictures, both of the dye job and the walk, as soon as I can. I can’t wait to see my kids’ reaction to the color!

Thank you so much to everyone who made a pledge for this walk! It’s such a good feeling knowing that we have so many friends who are “walking” with us in this way. And the same goes for those who did not donate but who have offered words of support and the promise of prayer. You all have a special place in our hearts.

So yes, I’ve reached my goal. But there’s still time to give if you’ve been putting it off. Every gift helps us get closer to understanding what’s behind this “epidemic” of autism spectrum disorders. Every gift gets us closer to helping every family that receives a new diagnosis. Every gift gets us closer to the day when all insurance companies offer coverage for ASD therapies.

So if you’ve been on the fence, now is your time. Don’t let my having met my goal stop you.

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