Make Me Go Blue!

Okay, here’s the deal, and the real reason why I’ve called this blog Autism Blues. Katie and the kids and I are going to be walking for autism research at the end of September, and we want to raise funds for the walk. We did this two years ago, and raised over $500.00 for Autism Speaks. Not too shabby, if you ask me. But this time, we’re setting a much higher goal. We want to go over the $1,500.00 mark.

Sound impossible? Well, there are two reasons why I’m not worried–a logical reason and a fun reason.

Here’s the logical reason: Two years ago, we were relatively late in signing up and letting folks know about the walk. We didn’t get the word out too well, and so not enough of our friends knew about it. So we’re starting pretty early this year, and we’re going to make sure everyone knows about the challenge. Makes sense, right?

But we all know that logic can take us only so far. So I’m sweetening the deal with a dare. Actually, I’m going to dare you to dare me. If you can get me over the $1,500.00 mark, I promise to dye my hair blue for the walk. Not the whole head, mind you, but a big blue puzzle piece right on the side of my head. That’s right: If I raise enough money, I’ll go blue for autism research. I’ll post photos and maybe even a video on this site so you all can see it. And who knows? I may even keep it in for the whole week after the walk!

Update (9/8/12): On September 1, I officially reached my goal of $1,500.00. But there’s still time before the walk, so I’m issuing a new challenge. If I can raise $2,000.00, I promise to dye my whole head blue. Every. Single. Hair. So what are you waiting for? Only a few days left. Go ahead and make a pledge . . . and then sit back and wait for the pictures!

So what do you think? Are you gonna dare me to go blue? Then click on this link, which will take you to the secure donation website. And check back here for updates on the donation totals.

Update 2 (9/21/12): Well, it is official. I have met my second goal of $2,000.00. So the whole head is now set for blue mode! But even though I have met my goal, there is still time to make a pledge. Just click on the link above, and help us out. We want to see every person with ASD receive the help, affirmation, and accommodations he or she needs. And that can only happen as everyone helps out. Thanks so much to everyone who has gotten us this far. You are all such a treasure to us!

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